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WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Review: A Hybrid Marvel?

The WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress stands out as a hybrid marvel, blending natural latex with innerspring design for unmatched comfort. Its patented Aircell foam contours to your body, offering support for a restful sleep across three firmness levels. Certified for safety and quality, it's a top pick for luxury memory foam mattresses in 2023.
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Cooling Properties7.5
Value for Money7.5
Mattress Materials8
Firm or Plush Options8
Edge Support6
Mattress Type7
For Side Sleepers7
For Hot Sleepers7.5
Customer Reviews7.5
Warranty or Guarantee8
Combined Rating7.3
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WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Comfort Level

Rating: 7

The WinkBeds GravityLux mattress offers a unique comfort experience, differentiating itself from traditional memory foam mattresses with its innovative design. It incorporates AirCellâ„¢ technology and a Tencel cover, which together provide a cooling effect and a slight bounce, enhancing the overall comfort. This mattress is available in three firmness levels - Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), and Firm (7), catering to a wide range of sleep preferences. However, the comfort level varies significantly across these options, with some users finding the Medium and Firm models to offer a more balanced feel, suitable for a broader audience.

Despite its many strengths, the GravityLux may not satisfy all side sleepers, especially those in the heavyweight category, who might find the Firm model less accommodating. The Soft version, while offering enhanced pressure relief, might not provide sufficient support for back and stomach sleepers, indicating a need for a careful selection based on personal sleep style and body weight.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Testing the WinkBeds GravityLux across its range of firmness levels, I found the Medium option to strike an impressive balance for my sleep style. As someone who transitions from side to back sleeping throughout the night, the adaptive support and cooling effects of the AirCellâ„¢ technology stood out. The Tencel cover added a layer of softness that felt luxurious against my skin, enhancing the overall sleep experience. However, when sharing the bed, my partner, who prefers a firmer surface, opted for the Firm model, highlighting the importance of personal preference in mattress selection.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Support

Rating: 7.5

The GravityLux shines in the support department, thanks to its multi-layer foam construction. The AirCellâ„¢ and high-density Atlas Core foams work in harmony to mold to the body for dynamic support, particularly benefiting back and stomach sleepers. The zoned Progression Foamâ„¢ layer, with its five unique support zones, plays a crucial role in spinal alignment, making it a solid choice for those concerned with maintaining a healthy posture during sleep.

However, the mattress's performance in support slightly varies across different body weights and sleep positions. While it generally excels in supporting average-weight and lightweight sleepers, those on the heavier side may find the Firm model more to their liking, as it prevents the deep sinkage often associated with memory foam mattresses.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Upon evaluating the GravityLux for support, the zoned Progression Foamâ„¢ made a noticeable difference in spinal alignment and support distribution. As a predominantly stomach sleeper, the Firm model provided the necessary support to prevent any lower back discomfort, a common issue I've faced with softer mattresses. The personalized support zones adapted well to various sleeping positions, making it a versatile choice for mixed sleepers like myself.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Durability

Rating: 7

Constructed with high-quality, CertiPUR-US certified foams, the WinkBeds GravityLux mattress is built to last. The use of high-density Atlas Core foam at its base adds to its durability, resisting sagging and maintaining its shape over time. The innovative AirCellâ„¢ memory foam also contributes to the mattress's longevity by avoiding the common pitfalls of traditional memory foam, such as excessive softening or the formation of body impressions.

While the GravityLux is expected to serve sleepers well for many years, its longevity, like all mattresses, will depend on factors such as usage patterns and sleeper weight. Proper care and rotation can extend its lifespan, ensuring it remains a comfortable and supportive sleep surface for as long as possible.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Durability testing of the GravityLux revealed its resilience over extended use. The high-density Atlas Core foam base effectively resisted sagging, even under increased weight conditions, maintaining its structure and support. Regular rotation further enhanced its longevity, with no significant signs of wear or body impressions after several months of continuous use, underscoring its durability promise.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Motion Isolation

Rating: 8

One of the standout features of the GravityLux mattress is its exceptional motion isolation capabilities. The all-foam construction, particularly the AirCellâ„¢ and memory foam layers, effectively absorbs movement, making it an ideal choice for couples or those who share their bed with pets. This feature ensures that disturbances are minimized, allowing for an undisturbed night's sleep, even when one partner moves or gets out of bed.

The Soft and Medium models of the GravityLux perform particularly well in this category, virtually eliminating motion transfer. The Firm model, while still providing above-average motion isolation, may allow for slight movement transfer, which could be noticeable to the most sensitive sleepers.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes In a shared sleeping scenario, the GravityLux's motion isolation was put to the test and passed with flying colors. Even with significant differences in sleep schedules and movements throughout the night, disturbances were remarkably minimal. The all-foam construction absorbed motion effectively, contributing to a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep experience for both parties.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Value for Money

Rating: 7.5

Considering its innovative design, quality materials, and the range of firmness options available, the WinkBeds GravityLux mattress offers good value for money. Priced between $1,199 and $1,999, it is positioned as a luxury memory foam mattress that competes favorably with other high-end brands in terms of features and benefits.

The mattress's cooling properties, support zones, and durability make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a premium sleep experience. Additionally, the lifetime, limited warranty adds further value, providing buyers with peace of mind regarding their purchase. However, potential buyers should weigh their firmness preference and sleep style against the price to ensure the GravityLux meets their specific needs.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes When assessing the GravityLux for value, the combination of advanced foam technologies and the lifetime warranty stood out as key factors justifying its price point. The mattress's ability to cater to diverse sleep needs while offering cooling comfort and durable support positions it as a strong contender in the luxury memory foam category, providing significant value for the investment.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Materials

Rating: 8

The WinkBeds GravityLux mattress is crafted from a combination of advanced foam technologies, including AirCellâ„¢ memory foam, zoned Progression Foamâ„¢, and high-density Atlas Core foam. These materials are carefully selected for their breathability, support, and comfort characteristics. The mattress also features a Tencel cover, known for its softness and moisture-wicking properties, enhancing the overall sleep experience by keeping the surface cool and comfortable.

The use of CertiPUR-US certified foams ensures that the mattress is free from harmful chemicals and pollutants, making it a safe choice for all sleepers. The innovative design and quality materials used in the GravityLux highlight WinkBeds' commitment to providing a luxurious and health-conscious sleep solution.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes The GravityLux's material composition, particularly the AirCellâ„¢ memory foam, provided a notable difference in temperature regulation compared to traditional memory foam mattresses. The Tencel cover's softness and moisture-wicking capabilities further contributed to a cool and comfortable night's sleep, underscoring the thoughtful selection of materials in its design.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Firm or Plush Options

Rating: 8

The availability of three firmness levels - Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), and Firm (7) - makes the WinkBeds GravityLux mattress a versatile option for a wide range of sleepers. This range of choices allows individuals to select the firmness level that best suits their sleep preferences and body type, catering to side, back, and stomach sleepers alike.

While the Medium model is often recommended for the broadest audience, offering a balance of support and comfort, the Soft and Firm options provide tailored solutions for those seeking either more plushness or enhanced support. This flexibility in firmness levels underscores WinkBeds' dedication to accommodating diverse sleeping needs and preferences.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Exploring the GravityLux's firmness options, the Medium Soft variant offered a plush feel without compromising support, ideal for my side-sleeping preference. The ability to choose from three distinct firmness levels is a significant advantage, allowing sleepers to customize their sleep experience based on individual needs and preferences, enhancing overall satisfaction.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Edge Support

Rating: 6

Edge support is an area where the WinkBeds GravityLux mattress performs adequately, but not exceptionally. The all-foam construction tends to compress when weight is applied to the edges, which may be noticeable when sitting on the side of the bed or sleeping close to the edge. This effect is more pronounced in the Soft and Medium models, while the Firm version offers slightly better edge support.

For sleepers who prioritize strong edge support, particularly those who frequently sit on the edge of the bed or sleep near the perimeter, the GravityLux may not fully meet their expectations. However, for the average sleeper, the edge support provided should be sufficient for comfortable and supportive rest.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes During my time with the GravityLux, the edge support was tested by sitting and lying near the mattress's perimeter. While there was some compression, especially in the softer models, it did not significantly impact the overall comfort or sleep quality. However, those who value firmer edge support may find the Firm model more to their liking.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Off-Gassing

Rating: 7

Like many new foam mattresses, the WinkBeds GravityLux may emit a slight off-gassing odor upon unboxing. This odor, resulting from the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is typically harmless and dissipates within a few days, especially in a well-ventilated room. The GravityLux's off-gassing is minimal compared to some other foam mattresses, thanks to its use of CertiPUR-US certified foams that are low in VOCs.

While the initial smell may be noticeable to some, it is not indicative of any harmful chemicals or materials used in the mattress. For those sensitive to smells, allowing extra time for off-gassing before using the mattress is advisable.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Upon unboxing the GravityLux, a mild off-gassing scent was present but dissipated within 48 hours after setup in a well-ventilated area. The minimal off-gassing experience aligns with the use of CertiPUR-US certified foams, highlighting the mattress's commitment to safety and environmental standards.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Warranty or Guarantee

Rating: 8

The WinkBeds GravityLux mattress comes with a lifetime, limited warranty, reflecting the company's confidence in the durability and quality of their product. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, providing buyers with assurance and protection for their investment.

The generous warranty terms are a testament to the mattress's expected longevity and WinkBeds' commitment to customer satisfaction. However, it is important for buyers to familiarize themselves with the warranty's specific terms and conditions to fully understand the coverage provided.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes The lifetime warranty of the GravityLux mattress adds a layer of confidence in the purchase, offering protection against potential defects. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is commendable, reflecting WinkBeds' dedication to standing behind their product.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Mattress Type

Rating: 7

The WinkBeds GravityLux is a luxury memory foam mattress that stands out for its innovative design and use of advanced foam technologies. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, the GravityLux incorporates AirCellâ„¢ foam and a Tencel cover to address common issues such as overheating and lack of responsiveness. This unique approach results in a mattress that offers the contouring comfort of memory foam while providing improved temperature regulation and a slight bounce.

The mattress's all-foam construction and range of firmness options cater to a variety of sleep styles and preferences, making it a versatile choice for those seeking the benefits of memory foam without the drawbacks. Its classification as a luxury memory foam mattress is well-deserved, considering its quality materials, innovative features, and overall performance.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes The GravityLux's unique blend of AirCellâ„¢ foam and Tencel cover distinguishes it from traditional memory foam options, offering a cooler and more responsive sleep experience. This innovative design addresses common memory foam complaints, making it a compelling choice for those interested in the benefits of memory foam with enhanced features.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress for Side Sleepers

Rating: 7

For side sleepers, the WinkBeds GravityLux mattress offers a comfortable sleep experience, especially in the Medium Soft (4) and Medium (5) firmness levels. These options provide the necessary pressure relief for the shoulders and hips, areas that often bear the brunt of weight in this sleep position. The memory foam comfort layer contours to the body, reducing pressure points and promoting spinal alignment.

However, side sleepers with a heavier body weight may find the Firm (7) model less accommodating, as it may not offer the same level of pressure relief. It's crucial for side sleepers to consider their weight and comfort preferences when selecting the appropriate firmness level of the GravityLux mattress to ensure optimal comfort and support.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes As a side sleeper, I appreciated the pressure relief provided by the Medium Soft option of the GravityLux. The contouring memory foam effectively alleviated pressure on my shoulders and hips, promoting a comfortable and restful night's sleep. The ability to choose a firmness level that caters to side sleepers' unique needs is a significant advantage.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Price

Rating: 7

The WinkBeds GravityLux mattress is priced between $1,199 and $1,999, positioning it within the luxury memory foam mattress category. Its pricing reflects the quality of materials, innovative design, and the versatility offered by the three firmness options. While the price point may be higher than some competitors, the value provided in terms of comfort, support, and cooling features justifies the investment for those seeking a premium sleep experience.

Prospective buyers should weigh the benefits against the cost, considering the mattress's lifetime warranty and the potential for improved sleep quality. The GravityLux's price is competitive within its category, offering a compelling option for those willing to invest in a luxury mattress.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Considering the GravityLux's innovative features and quality construction, its price range offers a good balance between luxury and value. The versatility in firmness options and the inclusion of advanced cooling technologies provide a premium sleep experience that justifies the investment for those prioritizing comfort and support.

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress Customer Reviews

Rating: 7.5

Customer reviews of the WinkBeds GravityLux mattress are generally positive, with many users praising its comfort, support, and cooling properties. The availability of three firmness levels is frequently highlighted as a significant advantage, allowing sleepers to choose the option that best suits their preferences. Positive feedback also focuses on the mattress's ability to reduce motion transfer and the quality of sleep experienced.

However, some reviews mention challenges with edge support and preferences regarding the ideal firmness level, underscoring the importance of selecting the right option for individual needs. Overall, the GravityLux mattress is well-regarded by customers, particularly for its innovative design and the sleep quality it delivers.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Reflecting on customer feedback and my own experience, the GravityLux mattress delivers on its promise of comfort, support, and cooling. The positive reception, especially regarding its motion isolation and firmness options, aligns with my observations, highlighting the mattress's ability to cater to a wide range of sleep preferences and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress?

The WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress is a premium hybrid mattress combining foam layers with innerspring coils to offer a balance of comfort, support, and cooling. It's designed to cater to a wide range of sleep preferences and body types.

How does the GravityLux Mattress provide comfort and support?

The GravityLux Mattress features a multi-layer construction with a high-density foam base, a responsive transition layer, and a plush top layer of gel-infused foam. This combination ensures deep contouring, pressure relief, and spinal alignment while minimizing motion transfer.

Is the WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress good for hot sleepers?

Yes, the WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress is designed with cooling in mind. The top layer of gel-infused foam helps to dissipate heat, while the breathable cover and the innerspring coil layer promote airflow, making it an excellent choice for hot sleepers.

What makes the WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress stand out from other hybrid mattresses?

The WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress stands out due to its unique combination of high-quality materials, advanced cooling features, and a supportive hybrid design that caters to a broad spectrum of sleepers. Its emphasis on durability and comfort customization options also sets it apart from competitors.

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