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Mattress Reviews

How Our Mattress Reviews and Ratings Are Created

At Sleep Care Pro, the creation of mattress ratings is a meticulous process that involves evaluating each mattress across a broad spectrum of dimensions crucial to sleep quality and satisfaction. Our expert team conducts thorough statistical and first-party analyses, considering factors such as comfort, support, durability, and more to understand each mattress’s performance comprehensively.

By incorporating both objective tests—such as assessments of materials, cooling properties, and motion isolation—and subjective evaluations like customer reviews and sleep experiences, we craft a balanced and in-depth rating for each product.

Our holistic approach ensures that our ratings reflect the actual value, functionality, and suitability of mattresses for diverse sleeping preferences and needs. The result is a detailed and reliable guide that helps consumers make informed decisions, balancing price, comfort, and longevity to find the perfect mattress for their requirements.

For each mattress review, we conduct a comprehensive meta-analysis and review hundreds of thousands of user and expert reviews from nearly every trusted source available, spanning sleep experts, individual reviews, and consumer ratings to give you an authoritative, objective view of every mattress.

Why You Can Trust Our Reviews

Here’s how you can tell our reviews are the only ones you’ll ever need. They align well with customers’ actual reviews of the products across categories and brands. That means if you were to ask a sample of one thousand people how they felt about a specific mattress compared to another, you’d find that our scores line up almost perfectly. That’s because we base our ratings on the reviews and sentiments of actual product customers. The only caveat is that our reviews do not have any positive influence because manufacturers do not solicit them.

Across hundreds of individual Mattress Reviews we’ve conducted, it’s clear that Sleep Care Pro reviews are focused on delivering ratings that match actual customer experiences. As you can see, our ratings reflect customer experiences almost perfectly, so you can rest assured that a mattress rated well in any dimension will perform well in that area.

Sleep Care Pro scores align with user reviews.

Mattress Evaluation Factors and Overall Rating

Materials Matter

From our analysis, Mattress Materials are the most critical factor and have the highest correlation with our overall combined ratings. 

  • Factors with the highest correlation to Combined Rating (indicating importance for overall performance):
    • Mattress Materials: 0.845
    • Support: 0.831
    • For Hot Sleepers: 0.820
    • Cooling Properties: 0.813

This suggests that materials, support, suitability for hot sleepers, and cooling properties are the most significant contributors to a mattress’s overall rating.

Latex vs Gel vs Memory Foam vs Innerspring Mattress Ratings

Latex and Latex Hybrid Mattresses are Statistically Better

As you can see from our meta-analysis of hundreds of thousands of customer and sleep expert reviews, Latex and Latex Hybrid mattresses are the most consistent top performers, with higher average Combined Ratings than all other mattress types, including Hybrid, Innerspring, Gel, and Memory Foam mattresses.

Notably, Memory foam mattresses are not only the worst in performance but also have a high degree of variability in their combined rating, suggesting that different brands and manufacturing processes yield wildly different results.

Why You Should Not Trust Customer Mattress Reviews Online

Using multiple regression analysis, we find that the factors we analyze can explain under 25% of customer review scores. That means that more than 75% of what goes into a customer mattress rating online is not related to Comfort, Support, Durability, Mattress Materials, Edge Support, Off-Gassing, etc. In other words, customer reviews are not associated with the quality or performance of the mattresses. We’ll leave it to your imagination to guess what else might be driving customer reviews to be unrelated to fundamental factors.

By comparison, using the same methods, nearly 70% of what goes into “Comfort” is explained by other variables, indicating that comfort is both related to and a mixture of different factors such as Support, Edge-Support, how well a mattress performs for Hot Sleepers, Side Sleepers, etc. The same is true for “Support,” which is related to the other factors.

We still include customer reviews in our combined meta-analysis and individual mattress reviews but recognize that these values are often an overly optimistic representation of what you’re likely to experience.

Which Mattress Brand is the Best?

Based on our analysis of hundreds of thousands of sleep expert and user reviews combined with our first-hand reviews across hundreds of mattress models, there are a few brands that stand out as a cut above the rest, including AvocadoSaatvaWinkBedsPurple, and Latex for Less. While these brands produce consistent, high-quality mattresses, individual models, among other brands, vary in quality, construction, performance, and ratings, so it’s always best to evaluate each model independently. Below are the results of our analysis of hundreds of individual mattress models for which we have published or forthcoming mattress reviews.

BrandAvg Rating±1σ
Latex for Less8.12±0.31
Brooklyn Bedding7.71±0.46
The above table contains the top 12 brands from the graphic above, based on average combined rating + or – one standard deviation.

Individual Factors Explained


The comfort rating is a primary focus of Sleep Care Pro’s mattress reviews, assessing how well the mattress provides a cozy and relaxing sleep environment. Factors such as the softness, the feel of the materials against the skin, and the overall sleep experience are considered. This dimension is crucial as it directly influences the sleeper’s satisfaction and ability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.


Next, Support evaluates how effectively a mattress maintains the sleeper’s body in a neutral alignment, preventing pressure points and supporting the spine. This dimension is essential for preventing and alleviating back pain. Mattresses are tested for their ability to support various body types and sleep positions, ensuring a universally comfortable and supportive sleep surface.


Unsurprisingly, Durability ratings reflect the mattress’s ability to withstand wear and tear over time without significant deterioration in performance or comfort. This dimension takes into account the quality of materials, construction techniques, and the mattress’s longevity under regular use. A high durability rating indicates a mattress that will provide consistent comfort and support for many years.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is crucial for those who share a bed. Specifically, this dimension assesses how well the mattress absorbs movement, such as a partner tossing and turning, so that it does not disturb the other sleeper. Mattresses are evaluated on their ability to isolate motion, with higher scores indicating better performance in minimizing sleep disturbances.

Edge Support

Edge support measures the strength and stability of a mattress’s edges when sitting or lying near them. Good edge support is essential for maximizing the usable surface of the mattress and for ensuring the mattress does not sag or collapse at the edges, which can affect longevity and comfort.

Cooling Properties

For individuals who sleep hot, the cooling properties of a mattress are paramount. This dimension rates the mattress’s ability to regulate temperature, facilitating a cool and comfortable sleep environment. Factors such as breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and the use of cooling technologies or materials are considered.

Value for Money

Value for money evaluates the overall worth of the mattress, considering its price relative to its performance across all other dimensions. This rating helps consumers understand whether the mattress is a good investment based on its durability, comfort, support, and additional features compared to its cost.

Mattress Materials

This dimension focuses on the quality, sustainability, and safety of the materials used in the mattress construction. Mattresses are assessed for the use of high-quality foams, springs, and other materials, as well as for certifications that indicate low environmental impact and absence of harmful chemicals.

Plush or Firm Options

Mattresses are rated on the range of firmness options they offer, catering to different preferences and sleep needs. This dimension evaluates whether the mattress brand provides a variety of choices from plush to firm, allowing sleepers to select the level of firmness that best suits their comfort and support needs.


Off-gassing ratings address the presence and intensity of any initial odors released from the mattress materials upon unpacking. Lower scores indicate higher levels of off-gassing, which can be a concern for sensitive individuals or those looking for eco-friendly options.

For Side-Sleepers

This rating is specifically for side-sleepers, assessing how well the mattress supports this sleeping position. Factors such as contouring, pressure relief at the shoulders and hips, and overall support are evaluated to ensure side-sleepers can enjoy a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

For Hot-Sleepers

For individuals who tend to sleep hot, this dimension rates the mattress’s effectiveness in providing a cool sleeping environment. Mattresses are evaluated for their cooling technologies, breathability, and materials that help regulate body temperature throughout the night.


The price rating considers the mattress’s cost in relation to its overall quality and performance. This dimension helps consumers gauge the affordability of the mattress and whether it represents a good value for the features and benefits it offers.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an integral part of Sleep Care Pro’s mattress ratings, providing real-world insights into the mattress’s performance, comfort, and durability. This dimension compiles feedback from verified purchasers to give prospective buyers a comprehensive view of the mattress from a user perspective.

Warranty or Guarantee

This dimension evaluates the terms and coverage of the mattress’s warranty or guarantee, including the length of coverage and what is included. A robust warranty or guarantee indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and provides consumers with protection and peace of mind.

Combined Rating

The combined rating is an overall score that encapsulates the mattress’s performance across all dimensions. It provides a comprehensive overview, helping consumers quickly identify the top-performing mattresses in terms of comfort, support, durability, and additional features relevant to their needs.

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