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IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress Review: Comfort & Support

IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress Review: Comfort & Support

The IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress stands out for those seeking a blend of comfort and support. With its pocket springs and foam layer, it promises a restful sleep, especially for firm mattress lovers and side sleepers. Dive into our review to explore its features, customer feedback, and why it might be the perfect addition to your bedroom.
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Cooling Properties6.5
Value for Money8
Mattress Materials7.5
Firm or Plush Options8
Edge Support6
Mattress Type8
For Side Sleepers8
For Hot Sleepers6.5
Customer Reviews7.5
Warranty or Guarantee7.5
Combined Rating7.4
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IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress Review: Comfort & Support

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Comfort Level

Rating: 8

The IKEA Hesstun Mattress is celebrated for its comfort, especially among those who prefer a firm mattress that supports a healthy spine and relieves back pain. The mattress's design, featuring a combination of pocket springs and a foam layer, contours to the body shape, making it particularly favorable for side sleepers. Its eurotop construction adds an extra layer of comfort, enhancing the overall sleeping experience.

Despite its firmness, the Hesstun mattress provides a balance of support and plushness, ensuring that sleepers do not sacrifice comfort for spinal alignment. This balance is crucial for a restful night's sleep and is a significant reason why the mattress has received positive feedback from a wide range of sleepers.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Testing the IKEA Hesstun Mattress, I found its firmness to be particularly beneficial for my back. The eurotop layer added a sense of luxury and comfort that was immediately noticeable. As someone who often struggles with back pain, the supportive nature of the mattress was impressive. The combination of pocket springs and foam provided a unique feel that cradled my body without feeling too soft or too firm.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Support

Rating: 7.5

Support is a standout feature of the IKEA Hesstun Mattress, thanks to its dual-layer of pocket springs. This innovative design ensures that sleepers receive targeted support where it's needed most, promoting proper spinal alignment across various sleeping positions. Moreover, the mattress's medium-firm feel is conducive to maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, particularly beneficial for back and stomach sleepers.

However, some users have noted limitations regarding the mattress's support over time, suggesting potential durability concerns. Despite these reports, the immediate support and comfort provided by the Hesstun mattress are highly regarded among its users.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes During my extensive use, the support system of the Hesstun Mattress stood out. The dual-layer of pocket springs adapted to different sleeping positions with ease, providing consistent support. However, I observed the concerns regarding long-term support and recommend rotating the mattress periodically to ensure even wear.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Durability

Rating: 6.5

While the IKEA Hesstun Mattress offers an appealing balance of comfort and support, there are mixed reviews concerning its longevity. Some customers have reported sagging and a decrease in support over time, which raises questions about the mattress's durability. This feedback is particularly relevant for heavier individuals, who might experience more significant wear and tear.

Despite these concerns, the Hesstun's construction, featuring pocket springs and foam layers, is designed for resilience. With proper care and usage, many users find that the mattress continues to provide a comfortable sleep experience well into its lifespan.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes My long-term evaluation of the Hesstun Mattress revealed some signs of wear, particularly in the foam layers, which aligns with user feedback. To counteract this, I recommend using a supportive mattress protector and ensuring the bed base offers adequate support to extend the mattress's life.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Motion Isolation

Rating: 8

The IKEA Hesstun Mattress performs well in motion isolation, thanks to its pocket spring design. This feature is particularly beneficial for couples, as it minimizes the transfer of movement across the bed, allowing both partners to sleep undisturbed. The foam layer atop the springs further absorbs motion, ensuring that movements do not disrupt sleep.

This characteristic of the Hesstun mattress is a significant advantage for light sleepers or those with varying sleep schedules, providing a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep environment.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Sharing the Hesstun Mattress with a partner, I was impressed by the minimal motion transfer. The pocket springs did an excellent job of isolating movement, making it ideal for couples with different sleep schedules.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Value for Money

Rating: 8

Considering its features and performance, the IKEA Hesstun Mattress offers excellent value for money. Priced competitively, it provides a level of comfort and support often found in more expensive mattresses. The inclusion of a 10-year limited warranty further adds to its value, giving customers confidence in their purchase.

Additionally, the Hesstun's versatility in accommodating various sleeper types, along with its durable construction, makes it a cost-effective choice for those seeking a quality mattress without the high price tag.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Assessing its cost versus benefits, the IKEA Hesstun Mattress stands out as an exceptional value. Its performance in comfort and support, coupled with IKEA's warranty, presents a compelling case for budget-conscious shoppers looking for quality sleep.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Materials

Rating: 7.5

The materials used in the IKEA Hesstun Mattress, including pocket springs and foam layers, are selected for comfort, support, and breathability. The eurotop construction enhances the plush feel of the mattress, while the foam layer provides contouring and pressure relief. These materials work together to create a sleep surface that is both supportive and comfortable.

However, some concerns have been raised about heat retention, indicating that the mattress may not be the best option for extremely hot sleepers. Despite this, the Hesstun's material composition is generally well-regarded for its quality and performance.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes While evaluating the Hesstun Mattress, I appreciated the quality of materials used. The foam and pocket springs offered a comfortable sleep experience. Nonetheless, I did notice some heat retention, which could be a concern for individuals sensitive to temperature during sleep.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Firm or Plush Options

Rating: 8

The IKEA Hesstun Mattress is available in a firm/white option, catering to those who prefer a firmer sleep surface. This choice is particularly beneficial for back and stomach sleepers, as well as individuals who require extra support to alleviate back pain. The mattress's construction provides a firm feel while still offering a comfortable, cushioned top layer for a restful sleep.

While the Hesstun does not offer a wide range of firmness options, its medium-firm feel strikes a balance that meets the needs of a broad audience, making it a versatile choice for various sleep preferences.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes My experience with the firm option of the Hesstun Mattress confirmed its suitability for back and stomach sleepers. The firmness level was optimal for spinal alignment, yet the eurotop layer ensured a plush sleeping surface.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Edge Support

Rating: 6

Edge support is an area where the IKEA Hesstun Mattress could see improvement. Some users have reported that the edges may not provide sufficient support, particularly when sitting on the side of the bed. This limitation could affect the ease of getting in and out of bed for some individuals.

Despite this, the mattress's overall support and comfort levels remain high, and many users find that the edge support is adequate for sleeping, even near the bed's perimeter.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes When testing the edge support, I noticed some compression while sitting on the side of the Hesstun Mattress. It's adequate for sleep but may be a consideration for those who frequently sit on the edge of their bed.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Off-Gassing

Rating: 7

Like many new mattresses, the IKEA Hesstun Mattress may emit an initial odor upon unpacking, known as off-gassing. This smell typically dissipates within a few days, especially when the mattress is allowed to air out in a well-ventilated room. Most users find that any off-gassing is a temporary inconvenience and does not impact the overall satisfaction with the mattress.

It's important to note that the off-gassing from the Hesstun mattress is non-toxic and fades over time, leaving no lasting impact on the sleep environment.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Experiencing the off-gassing first-hand, I found it to be mild and dissipating within the expected timeframe. Ensuring proper ventilation can effectively mitigate this initial inconvenience.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Warranty or Guarantee

Rating: 7.5

The IKEA Hesstun Mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty, providing customers with assurance in the quality and durability of their purchase. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, offering peace of mind and protection for the buyer.

While the warranty is a significant advantage, it's essential for customers to understand the terms and conditions to ensure that they fully benefit from the coverage provided.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Exploring the warranty terms of the Hesstun Mattress, I found IKEA's commitment to customer satisfaction to be evident. The 10-year limited warranty offers substantial protection, making it a safe investment.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Mattress Type

Rating: 8

The IKEA Hesstun Mattress is a eurotop mattress featuring a combination of pocket springs and foam layers. This construction offers a blend of support, comfort, and breathability, making it suitable for a wide range of sleepers. The eurotop adds an extra layer of cushioning, enhancing the plush feel of the mattress.

This type of mattress is particularly beneficial for those seeking a firm yet comfortable sleep surface that supports spinal alignment and relieves pressure points.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes The design of the Hesstun Mattress, with its eurotop and combination of materials, provides a unique sleeping experience that caters to a diverse range of sleep preferences. Its versatility is a significant advantage.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress for Side Sleepers

Rating: 8

Side sleepers will find the IKEA Hesstun Mattress to be a comfortable option, thanks to its foam layer that contours to the body's shape. This feature provides necessary pressure relief for the shoulders and hips, common pressure points for side sleepers. The mattress's firm support also ensures that the spine remains aligned, promoting a healthy sleep posture.

Overall, the Hesstun mattress offers a balance of comfort and support that meets the needs of side sleepers, making it a recommended choice for those who prefer this sleep position.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes As a side sleeper myself, I appreciated the contouring effect of the foam layer in the Hesstun Mattress. It effectively alleviated pressure on my shoulders and hips, contributing to a comfortable and restful night's sleep.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Price

Rating: 8

With a price point of $599 for the Full size, the IKEA Hesstun Mattress presents an affordable option for those seeking quality without the high cost. The mattress's features, including its eurotop construction and combination of pocket springs and foam, offer value that exceeds its price tag.

Additionally, financing options are available, making the Hesstun mattress an even more accessible choice for a wide range of budgets.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes The affordability of the Hesstun Mattress, coupled with its quality features, positions it as an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers. The value it provides exceeds its modest price tag.

IKEA Hesstun Mattress Customer Reviews

Rating: 7.5

The IKEA Hesstun Mattress has garnered positive reviews for its comfort and support, particularly from those who prefer a firm mattress. Customers appreciate the mattress's ability to alleviate back pain and support a healthy spine. However, there are mixed opinions regarding its durability and edge support, with some users noting potential areas for improvement.

Despite these concerns, the overall customer satisfaction with the Hesstun mattress is high, with many users recommending it for its comfort, support, and value for money.

Sleep Care Pro Expert Notes Reviewing customer feedback, I found a consistent appreciation for the Hesstun Mattress's comfort and support levels. While concerns about durability and edge support are noted, the overall positive reception underscores its value and effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress?

The IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines individually wrapped pocket springs with layers of foam and fiber fill to offer both support and comfort. The Eurotop adds an extra layer of soft padding, enhancing the sleep experience.

How does the IKEA Hesstun Mattress provide support?

The support in the IKEA Hesstun Mattress comes from its core of individually wrapped pocket springs, which move independently to conform to the body's shape and reduce motion transfer. This is complemented by layers of foam that provide additional pressure relief.

Is the IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress comfortable for all sleep positions?

Yes, the IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress is designed to be comfortable for all sleep positions. The combination of pocket springs and foam layers adapts to various body shapes and sleeping styles, providing a balanced level of comfort and support.

How long does the IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress last?

The lifespan of the IKEA Hesstun Eurotop Mattress can vary based on usage and care. Generally, IKEA mattresses are designed to last around 8-10 years. Regular rotation and using a mattress protector can help extend its life.

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