14 Best Sleep Inducing Foods That Actually Gives You Deep Sleep

sleep inducing foods

A good sleep could give a lot of positivity after waking up.

But getting a good sleeping is the hardest thing ever we want it nowadays.

Ago the days where we went to bed so earlier those days were gone. It will never come back.

Can we get them back? Surely we can help you  to sleep heavily like a baby, but you to eat the sleep inducing foods.

The foods contain tryptophan will get you closer to get good sleep.

So what are the foods that contain tryptophan? Below you will see it.

Below you will see some of the common foods that will help you sleep heavily.

14 Sleep Inducing Foods

1. Bananas

bananas to sleep

Bananas contain high potassium and magnesium which is the best food to relax our inner muscles. And also it contains tryptophan which is also the sleep giving medicine. Eating bananas before sleep will help you to sleep well.

Bananas are normally found in all stores and vegetable markets.

2. Warm Milk

diary products

Milk is rich in calcium and drinking warm milk at night time before bed will relax our whole muscle and body which gives us heavy sleep.

This is the reason why babies are sleeping after drinking warm milk.

3. Honey


Raw honey is another best sleep giving food, honey contains tryptophan which again relaxes our muscles and the glucose contains in honey will interfere in our brain cells which further relaxes our brain cells to sleep well.

Also drinking honey with warm water will decrease your body fat to lose weight.

4. Wine

wine to sleep

Wine contains melatonin in high level and drinking one glass of wine is more than enough to fall asleep.

Drinking red wine daily will help to sleep better and it is best practice to sleep inducing techniques.

5. Tart Cherries

Tart Cherries sleep

Tart cherries are the combination of melatonin and the anthocyanins which help you sleep.

These hormones will reach our inner body which will react fastly that will force us to reach our bed soon.

Melatonin is also available in the form of Melatonin pills online.

6. Walnuts

walnuts sleep benefits

Walnuts are the another sleep inducing food which contains high tryptophan which creates melatonin and serotonin.

These two hormones are the best sleep triggers and the person who lacks to have these hormones will suffer insomnia problems.

7. Cheese

cheese sleep

It’s not a myth that drinking warm milk will cause us to sleep but the food contains dairy product also improve our sleeping habits.

Cheese also one of the common eatables that give us good sleep.

8. Passionfruit Tea

Passionfruit Tea

The best tea that helps you sleep is passionfruit tea, drinking passionfruit tea one hour before the sleep will induce to sleep well.
High-level chemicals found is the reason behind passionfruit tea secret.

9. Almonds

almonds before sleep

Almond improves our daily night sleep, almond being rich in magnesium that the reason for the quality of the sleep.

When our body’s magnesium level reach lower it makes hard to sleep so eating almond will increase our magnesium level in the body.

Also eating soaked almond will increase your hair growth.

10. Tuna – Sleep Inducing Food


Tuna is rich in producing Vitamin B6, this vitamin B6 will create sleep producing hormones like melatonin and serotonin.

12. Chamomile Tea

Passionfruit Tea


Chamomile tea is sleep inducer and drinking it 30 minutes before the bedtime will highly help us to sleep well.

Drinking chamomile tea will increase Glycine, a chemical which relaxes our nerves and muscle.

13. Yogurt

yogurt sleep

Yogurt is the another dairy product from milk, the food to sleep well, Calcium is the reason to get deep sleep after eating yogurt.

14. Whole Grains

whole grains examples

Oatmeal, Barley, Brown rice are some of the whole grains they have magnesium and eating it may help to get sleep.

These are the foods that will help you to sleep and following these sleep inducing foods will improve your sleeping lifestyle and will change your life super happy.

Are you going to follow these foods to sleep well? Then say yes in the comment box.

Do you know any other  sleep inducing technique apart from this?

Kindly say that in the comment box too.

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