Why People Feel Tired All The Time? (11 Worst Habits)


Feeling Tired and Restless

Feeling tired all the time is becoming more common with every passing year. Did you know that there is an acronym TATT that means tired all the time? This is how common this concern is. While the new generation is the victim of it, the older ones fail to understand why is that so because in their time things were not this bad. Check out these healthy recipes from HCG Diet.

11 Things Makes People Feel Tired

There are many different things that may cause tiredness throughout the time, but the following are the most prominent ones.


Work is becoming like a religion for us, and people are following it blindly. In the struggle of better and prosperous life, people are working as much as they can, and that involves late sittings at the office too. Late sittings make a person eat and sleep less which eventually leads to tiredness.


A baby is all cute and adorable until its 3 in the morning, and you are up to make him sleep again but all that little angel is doing is crying, and you have no idea why.

A newborn child requires your all and constant attention for a very long time, and you cannot leave your other responsibilities too, so your duties are doubled up, and you feel tired because, with all other things, you have very little to do for yourself.


Nightlife is glamorous and fun. After all day at school or at work we all need some time for ourselves with the company of our choice, but sometimes we overdo with such life. Too often nights out or being a little too late can make us perform very less throughout the next day because a good night sleep is a must for a productive day.

Night out is just not restricted to the nightlife we discussed earlier; some people have to work at night shifts too, and that leads to the same problems like tiredness, fatigue, frustration and much more.

Snoring At Night

This is the common problem among all the people. By snoring at night time they experience half sleep and fell tired at low time. But you can easily stop snoring by taking treatments and using products that removes snoring. To help my blog my blog readers i’ve introduced one doctor recommended product and i’ve also written my Good morning snore solution review to give me valid reasons about the product after using it. And you can also order with with this Good morning snore solution coupon code to get 20% off for all purchase.


If you ask me unhealthy lifestyle is the reason for almost all our problems. Our scientists are working on building robots while they are forgetting that we humans are no less of it. We are working day and night, making our circle smaller than ever and our ‘me-to-me’ time lesser than before. We do not have time to stop and think before putting food in our mouth. Things like this are causing us so much and feeling tired all the time I one of the side effect of an unhealthy life.


Stress, depression, and anxiety are more like a product of life now. Children at middle school are also affected by it which indicates how severe the problem is getting. Our days are passing by thinking about what the future holds, and things that may never occur and that is making us fatigued.


People who are going through emotional crisis may find themselves thinking too much or not at all, and that is where the problem lies. You may think that emotions have no effect on a human regarding tiredness but trust me it does. Observe people around you who are going through emotional shock, and you would feel how much are they different from the time before the crisis. People like such do not feel like doing anything, and yet they feel weak and tired.


Throughout pregnancy, we go through so many changes in our body and on our mood than ever before. Especially in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, most ladies feel tired all the time.


Being overweight and obese makes you the subject of many diseases. It is difficult for an overweight person to get up, walk even for a fraction of the time, or does anything that will make them short of breathing which eventually leads to tired day.

But if you are thinking that only overweight people are going to be affected by such problems, then you cannot be more wrong. People who are underweight also have to face problems with dizziness, short of breath and tiredness.


Caffeine is an escape we all need in life. Feeling sleepy? Caffeine. Feeling tired? Caffeine. Apparently, all our answers are ending up with a cup of coffee in our hand. Little do we know that this is not how it works. Caffeine may work for you for a while, but that also increase your heart rate which will make you feel weird and tired.


Being physically active is very important but with a balance. Some people overdo it, and some people do not believe in moving except for the exceptions and both of these conditions are not adequate. The right way to live is to live in the balance.

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