5 Best Sleep Trackers 2018 Reviewed – Buyer’s Guide

Best Sleep Trackers Review 2018

Sleeping more than 8 hours is a golden record and you try taking foods to sleep well but did you sleep exact 8 hours?

If yes how did you know that? It’s not possible at all unless you own the best sleeping trackers.

Sleeping trackers are commonly used to monitor the timing we sleep.

Measuring sleep is important it will show the quality of sleep we sleep daily.

The sleep bands will tell how much you slept and how much time you have to sleep.

By using sleep monitoring bands you can maintain your health cycle and attain a good health.

Do you want to measure your sleep timings with  sleep tracking wristbands?

Then this article will feature some of the best sleep trackers of 2017 that will monitor you full sleeping timings.

Personally, I have tested some of the latest wearable sleep trackers which are mentioned below.

What Sleep trackers do?

Sleep trackers measure sleeping quantity by a method called actigraphy which continuously measure our body movement and sleep patterns.

The actimetry sensor is a worn device present inside the actigraph attached to the sleep trackers which you will wear on the wrist to track sleep.

The movements will be continuously recorded throughout the night and will show you the activities.

Best Sleep Trackers Review 2018

Below are the best sleep tracker wristbands which are most popular and widely used from all over the world.

1. (Top + Editor’s Choice)

Fitbit charge 2

The Fitbit charge 2 heart rate is the top-ranked sleep tracker from Fitbit brand. Of course, everyone knows about Fitbit.

This is the only fitness tracker used to measure the heart rate and total sleep time.

Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness trackers manufactures sells the product all over the world.

Coming to the Fitbit Charge 2 it has beautiful features to measure and maintain the fitness level of your body and it automatically tracks how long you sleep and how long you wake.

Standard Features

  • The band has interchangeable accessory band and large OLED screens with tap display
  • You can use this track band for multi-sports to track the records and also has GPS connections
  • You can even call, text others and set alarms for any kind of purpose.
  • It shows caller ID if someone calls you.
  • It will show the cardio fitness level
  • When the heartbeat is high it will notify to take breath so that your will heartbeat becomes normal.
  • It will show pulse rate and heart rate.
  • Auto sleep tracking activities for monitoring sleeping timings

Other than this features the FitBit charge 2 has built with quality materials to increase its quality.

With Fitbit App, you can watch all the activities your body has done.

You can sync this sleep tracker device with iPhone, Android, and Windows devices through wireless syncing.

The display is 4X larger than the Other Fitbit models so the fonts and images are displayed crystal clear.

The Overall look at the Fitbit sleep band is sleek and elegant and would be the perfect gadget for health-conscious people.

This product got more than 12,500 customer reviews and most reviews are noted positive.

Fitbit Charge comes in 6 different colors and available in 2 different sizes small size (5.5 – 6.1), large size (6.7 – 8.1 in).

  • All in one
  • Monitoring of heart rate
  • Good vibrations
  • call, text & calendar notifications
  • Multi-sport tracking and connected GPS
  • No built in GPs
  • Water-Resistant but not WaterProof

2. – People’s Choice

Wesoo K1 fitness watch is the no #1 best smart band with sleep monitor to actively monitor the sleep.

If you are looking for the quality sleep tracker for the best use, then I strongly recommend this fitness band.

The cost of this sleeping bands are available at affordable price and fit your budget.

This sleep band will also measure a number of calories you burn while running and it will measure the running steps as well.

You can connect this fitness band with the VeryFitPro app which available on Google play store and Apple App Store and watch all its activities.

Standard Features:

  • Sleep measure – To measure the sleep timing also shows the no of wake period during the sleep.
  • Running counter – While running it measures the total number of steps along with the calories burned during the runtime.
  • Step counter – Like running it displays the number of steps taken while walking.
  • Time display – Displays the time
  • Distance Counter – Count and shows the distance taken while traveling ( From starting point to endpoint)
  • Set Alarms and Notification
  • Built-in USB options to charge fitness watch

Wesoo comes with FREE 100% money-back guarantee, 2-Years Replacement Warranty, and lifetime technical support.

Trust me you can buy this product with 100% satisfaction and you will fell once you bought and use it.

  • IPX7 Waterproof – You can wear this is 1-meter depth water
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Nice slim fit and look
  • 1 Replaceable Band
  • Color options
  • No heart rate monitor feature


Fitbit Flex Wireless ActivityThe number 3 spot is again occupied by Fitbit product and it is for Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and sleep monitoring wristband.

The Fitbit Flex wireless sleep is my 3rd  choice and suggestion if you want to use the best sleep tracker to maintain a good and warm sleep.

Of course, Fitbit is the popular fitness gadget selling store and there are a lot of fitness gadgets are invented and sold all over the world.

But this Fitbit Flex Wireless activity product beats other Fitbit sleep bands in terms of features and options.

Let’s look the features of this product.

Standard Features:

I will be saying only a few features because this sleep band adopts features of Fitbit Charge 2.

  • It records all activities like distance covered, calories burned, steps walked, etc.
  • Auto sleep & Alarm – Monitors your sleep and wakes you with the silent sleep alarm.
  • Like Fitbit Charge 2 is also has wireless syncing feature.
  • Progress Display – it shows the LED lights up on nearing your goal.
  • Water-resistant to five days battery life.

This band price is less than the Fitbit Charge 2 but when comparing Fitbit charge 2 VS Fitbit Flex, Fitbit charge 2 wins.

But if you want to use only for measuring sleep and calories then you can use this will be top and budget sleep tracker.

  • More flexible fit
  • Battery life: up to 7 – 10 days
  • Water resistance
  • Slim, comfortable and easy to wear
  • Bar code scanner
  • 7 Colors and 5 sizes
  • No calls, text features
  • No monitoring of heartbeat


Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker

How would it be if someone always constantly watches you and shout when you are not following the instructions.

Or Take it as a strict doctor who always cares about your health who is cool always but behaves rudely when you are not following your daily activity properly.

If you want to have these situations in life means then use Garmin vivofit 2 activity tracker.

The strict activity watcher to maintain your health condition and warns when you are inactive.

Standard Features:

  • Time to move – It tells time and time to move after sitting so long in a single place
  • Move bar w/audible alert – Reminds you to stay longer and alerts you by sounding after 1 hour of inactivity.
  • BACKLIT DISPLAY – Display turns always on and even in the dark place you can watch your stats.
  • Auto-sync – This sleep band automatically syncs with paired mobiles and shows the period of stats and reports since the last sync
  • The Garmin warranties 1 year of battery life
  • Keep counting of any activity such as walking, running, sleeping, etc.

This sleep band tracker device comes along with a battery so you don’t have to charge it.

Along with Garmin activity tracker, you also get USB ANT stick, Vivosoft 2 small and large band, documentation present inside the box.

Seriously once you wear this band it will always watch you and you can’t cheat it.

One of the highest selling sleep tracker device is Garmin Vivofit 2 activity tracker and got more positive response from the buyers.

  • 1 year of battery life – No need to charge for 1 ear
  • Wide display
  • Auto-sleep tracking
  • It has watch
  • 5 different colors
  • Waterproof (to 50 meters)
  • Audible alert
  • Backlit screen – Visible in the dark place
  • Very strict!
  • No vibrating alert



Misfit Ray review

The 5th best sleep tracker is Misfit ray, the minimal and versatile tracker with a lot of stunning features.

The design of the Misfit Ray looks stylish and sleek and the look of this sleep tracking band will never look like fitness at all rather it looks like some stylish bands.

If you are too concerned about your beauty then Misfit ray fitness band is for you.

This band has 23 different colors and all the colors are superb and unique.

Standard Features:

  • Vibrant features for incoming calls, texts, movements, alarms, and notifications.
  • Track activities like swimming, running, cycling, playing soccer, basketball, tennis and more.
  • Track the total hours you sleep and set alarms to sleep at the right time.
  • Misfit comes with hidden 8-mm spring bars wear it along with your accessories.
  • Misfit allows you to connect with Spotify, Nest, Logitech and much more to enjoy music while wearing it.
  • Misfit ray is water resistant you can take it to 5o meters and watch the activity inside the pool.
  • No charging – Misfit comes with replaceable batteries that last up to 5 – 6 months.
  • Misfit will sync with popular health apps like RunKeeper, myfitnesspal, IFTTT, LoseIt.
  • This sleep tracker is compatible with iPhone, IPad touch, IPad Mini, and Android phones.

Overall this product is useful for sleep analysis and maintaining health on daily basis.

The product ships with user guide and manual explaining everything in detail.

Though Misfit had different kinds of sleep monitoring bands Misfit Ray is special among them.

  • Progress Display
  • You can swim wearing Misfit Ray
  • Great design – Doesn’t look like tracker device at all!
  •  Sleek and stylish feel
  • 23 different colors
  • No need to charge ( 6 month of battery life)
  • App sometime make trouble

Note: Above top sleep tracking wristbands will perfectly fit under these factors, for extra knowledge I am sharing it.

No worries 🙂

How to choose the best sleep tracker wearable band?

Before purchasing the sleep tracker band you should know the demands to full fill your needs.

There are number of sleep tracking bands are available and they are growing daily.

Then how are you going to find out the best sleep tracker?

For this purpose, I have developed some criteria’s to check before buying it.


Always buy a device which has a minimum of 1 year warranty time. Because no one can assure and anything will happen so it is good to have the minimum of 1 year of warranty.

If your buying products don’t offer this warranty period don’t buy it.

Goals – For what purpose?

Know your demands and why you want if for exactly?

For what purpose you need the sleep tracking device.

Because sleep trackers are built with various kind of features and functions. So you have to carefully select the best sleep tracking device.

Generally, the sleep trackers will have various options for measuring running, walking, heart pulse beat, step counters, etc.

If you only want to measure the sleep means buy a device with has only sleep tracking facility and don’t buy the device with unwanted features.

Buying a device with all these features will cost high so always choose the sleep tracking band with right options.

Your Budget?

The crucial factor is your budget

Everyone has the budget, right?

Obviously, before purchasing the product you should fix the price and keep in mind.

I know the price of the sleep trackers range from $50 to $300 and every tracker will do depending upon the price.

High-cost sleep trackers will have some high functions and cheap sleep trackers have some limitations.

So it depends on the price if you are the serious person who wants to have all the functions then you can buy Fitbit Charge 2 like products.

Or you need to go and low budget with normal qualities means then you can go for the product like Wesoo K1 fitness watch.

My advice Please don’t buy cheap ones it will cost around like $10 -$30 range and they will show fake results.


Some sleep tracking device will not work or sometimes they restrict if anything like pacemakers presents inside the body.

So always please do check if there any restrictions on wearing it.

Also, consult your physician for additional safety.

Are they are easy to handle?

Every sleep trackers will have an app to connect for seeing all our activities on your mobile phones.

If you find difficult to view all the activities on App means then what is the point of buying it?

So don’t regret later after buying it. To avoid this problem please see video documentation about the product and also check you can check some videos like unboxing it, Guides on YouTube.

If they are easy means then buy with full 100% confident.


This is the final check because these sleep tracking bands would always present on your hand.

It’s the obvious thing so you will be wearing while bathing in a shower or swimming pool right?

What if your sleep tracker isn’t waterproof?

Your money will be gone within seconds so always buy water resistant sleep trackers.

Over, these are my criteria’s for choosing the best sleep trackers.

My recommended Best sleep tracker 2018

Thank you for reading this best guide for choosing the best sleep tracker wristbands.

Now you know everything about sleep trackers like how they work and what are top and best sleeping wristbands.

Without any doubt, the list I have shared are the top-selling sleep trackers of 2018. No doubt on that.

But personally, if you ask me which is the best sleep monitoring device among the best’s means my  first choice Is Weeso K1 rate is budget and second choice is  Fitbit Charge 2.

It got highest positive reviews more than 15,000 people voted this product as their best choice.

Also for me, it has everything from sleep monitoring to calling the mobile phone.

It’s my choice you can use any of them on the list.

Finishing my best sleep trackers review and guide for 2018.

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Absolutely Useful gadget for those who want to improve the sleep and to maintain good health.

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